Thursday, 22 October 2015

Who Is Covered Under Your Edmonton Homeowners Insurance Policy?

If you are covered under an Edmonton homeowners insurance policy, then you might be wondering how far your coverage extends... and who exactly it covers. By "who" we mean other people living within your household, including members of your extended family.

As an example, would the possessions of mother-in-law who is currently living under your roof be covered under your Edmonton homeowners insurance policy? Most of the time, yes they are. But here's the thing: You can't rely on our words only. We highly recommend that you contact your insurance company if you have any doubt regarding this topic.

Another common question that seems to plague several Albertans is this one: What happens to the possessions of my child when she or he away at college? Once again, this might not be true for every single policy in Edmonton, but most of the time you can expect his or her possessions to be covered under your home insurance coverage.

A good news, no?

Remember, however, that some insurance policy don't cover personal possessions to begin with. This is why we always remind people to read over the policy that they are planning on purchasing carefully before signing anything. Avoiding bad surprises down the road can easily be done this way... and really, a few minutes of your time is nothing compared to some of the damage that these bad surprises could cause on your finances.

Bankruptcy, anyone?

We don't think so. ;)


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