Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Texting and Driving in Edmonton: Is It Really That Bad?!

You've heard it multiple times -- don't text while driving. In fact, you've heard it so many times that texting while driving is now considered illegal in Canada. But just how dangerous is texting while driving in Edmonton? And does it classify as "distracted driving"?

The short answers are simple, really. Texting while driving kills every single day. Just in the United States 9 people die from it on average. Nine! So yes, texting while driving is very dangerous, and yes it classifies as "distracted driving".

In fact, texting while driving also classifies as a dangerous driving habit. And as you may (or may not know by now), being accused of partaking in such a dangerous habit can earn you the title of a "high-risk driver".

As the name entails, a high-risk driver is a driver who is seen as more prone to getting into and/or causing road accidents by his or her insurance company. As a result, high-risk drivers everywhere in Edmonton and across Canada usually pay a LOT more on their monthly insurance premiums.

Our question to you is this one: Is it really worth it? And we're not just talking about money but the countless lives that you endanger while texting and driving. (Not just your own, of course.) If there is something that absolutely can't wait for you to get out of your car, then what are you even driving?

Be smart. Be safe.


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