Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Will My Edmonton Car Insurance Policy Be Cancelled After An Accident?

As a driver in Edmonton, chances are that you've wondered (but never dared to ask) whether accident would mean the cancellation of your car insurance policy. While this question is valid for several reasons, today we would like to assure you that, no, a road accident won't lead to the cancellation of your Edmonton car insurance policy.

However, what it can do is cause you to pay higher monthly premiums on your insurance coverage. While we can't say for sure whether one accident is enough to raise your premiums, we can say for certain that multiple ones are. 

You're familiar with the demerit point system, right? Well the more demerit points you accumulate in Alberta, the more you should expect to pay higher premiums. This is because after a while insurance companies start to see you as a high-risk driver. In other words, they start to see you as more liable to getting into (or causing) road accidents.

But here's the thing: Being a high-risk driver in Edmonton is not a lifelong sentence. Keep your driving record clean for two years and it should only be a matter of time before your insurance premiums are lowered.

Of course there are other ways to lower your insurance premiums in the meantime as well, so don't despair if you've just experienced a road accident. Focus on repairing the damage done to your car (if any), and next time you hit the road, really focus on road safety. And above all, remember that driving is not a game.

Good luck and stay safe!