Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Safe Motorcycle Riding in the Winter: The Do's and Don't's

Ah, Calgary winter. Let's be honest: It can be beautiful, magical and bothersome.

But for some people, it can be deadly. If you own a motorcycle, then riding it (safely) in the winter requires a bit of planning ahead. To refresh your memory, here are the do's and don't's of riding your motorcycle in the winter:


Keep yourself warm! Safety begins by making sure that you are properly insulated. The more layers you have on, the better. Also remember to plan ahead -- you never know when something might go wrong with your motorcycle, forcing you to wait outside for a long time.

Do have good judgement! If there's a heavy snowstorm outside, don't be afraid to use the car instead... or even better, stay home. Use good judgement to avoid unnecessary complications.

Do learn more about tires! Did you know that street tires are better for the cold winter months in Alberta? Changing your tires every winter might be a bit costly but it's totally worth it.

Do keep your insurance coverage updated! You never know when it might come in handy, no matter how good you are at avoiding worst-case scenarios.


Fog up! While riding your motorcycle in the winter, nothing is more dangerous than your vision fogging. To avoid this, wear a half-mask inside your helmet.

Take too long! Avoid long trips whenever possible unless you know for a fact that you can keep yourself warm and safe for several hours on end.

Above all, remember to have fun and to always stay focused and alert on the road. :)


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