Saturday, 9 January 2016

What Is Considered Dangerous Driving in Calgary?

Most of the time, the term "dangerous driving" is associated with negative connotations. This is because dangerous driving costs lives -- there's no really way around this simple fact. As a driver, you have the responsibility (just like other drivers) to try and keep the roads as safe as possible for other people.

Unsurprisingly, it all begins by fostering good driving habits. While learning how to drive can be done in a few weeks, you can never be a truly safe driver until until you have learned what dangerous driving is and how to avoid partaking in it . 

So let's begin by refreshing your memory.

When you think about the term "dangerous driving", what comes to your mind first? Usually, people associate this term with DIU (driving under influence), speeding, texting while driving and running red lights.

While these are the most common dangerous driving habits in Calgary, they are not the only ones. There many habits that are surprisingly dangerous and often overlooked. Driving while being tired and tailgating are two of these habits -- but don't remember how important it is to keep your vehicle properly maintained. Failure to do so can be classified as a dangerous driving habit in Calgary.

Remember that driving is not a game. Before hitting the road make sure that you are properly rested, hydrated and fed. Avoid road rages at all costs and remember that nothing is more important than keeping yourself and other people safe... even if that means risking angering your boss when you arrive to work late.

Stay safe out there!


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