Wednesday, 3 February 2016

3 Facts About Edmonton Commercial Liability Insurance Coverage

If you own a small business in Edmonton, chances are that you are already aware of the dangers of not being properly insured. Unfortunately, for most small business owners, insurance policies can be complicated. This is why these people turn to sources like Sharp Insurance to learn more about the type of coverage that they are interested in.

Today, we are going to go over 3 facts concerning Edmonton commercial liability insurance coverage. So without further adore, here they are:
  1. CLI coverage is not mandatory. But just because you are not required to purchase one does not mean that you should not. Being covered under an Edmonton commercial liability insurance policy can save you a LOT of time and money down the road. Never underestimate its importance.
  2. CLI coverage does not cover you from everything. This is a common mistake and one that can prove to be very, very costly. Commercial liability insurance covers you from claims stemming from third party bodily and/or property damage. A common example of this would be a customer slipping and injuring themselves on your premises. So what does this policy not cover you from? Many things! Your own property damage, for one. Maybe even property damage stemming from a road accident, assuming that you (or your employee) were using a company car. Make to read through your policy carefully as policies tend to differ from company to company. Which brings us to our final point...
  3. Many Edmonton insurance companies offer free insurance quotes. As a future insuree, don't settle for the first good policy that you come across. Make sure to study your options carefully and to choose the best one according to both your budget and your needs.


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