Thursday, 18 February 2016

Buying Edmonton Motorcycle Insurance Coverage: 3 Things to Know

Are you thinking about buying a motorcycle in the near future? Then buying an Edmonton motorcycle insurance policy to go along with it would certainly benefit you in many ways. But as is often the case with insurance coverage, you might not know where to start from. This is why Sharp Insurance has compiled a short list of the most important things to know.

Let's quickly go over them:

  1. Many things will affect your monthly premiums, among them what type of motorcycle you are driving. In many ways, motorcycle insurance coverage is similar to Edmonton car insurance coverage. Newer bike models will always be more expensive to insure than older ones. Likewise, how secure your bike is, how experienced you are and even how old you are can also affect how much money you end up paying each month.
  2. You might be able to bundle up your motorcycle insurance policy with your car insurance policy. In Edmonton, many insurance companies even offer discounts to people who decide to bundle up their policies. If you own a car this might be worth looking into!
  3. In Alberta, owning a motorcycle means that you are legally obligated to insure it. Just like you are legally obligated to insure your car. So if you thought that you could get away without being properly insured, think twice about it. The good news, however, is that plenty of Edmonton insurance companies offer free motorcycle insurance quotes. Sharp Insurance is among them... so let the shopping begin!
Good luck!