Sunday, 22 May 2016

Calgary Commercial Insurance Coverage: Where To Request a Free Quote

Do you own a small business in the Calgary area and are looking to insure it? Sharp Insurance can help. As a small business owner, we can't stress enough the importance of you and your business being adequately covered. But what exactly does being "adequately" covered mean? Let's take a look at 3 of the most common types of commercial insurance policies:
  1. General liability policy: This type of policy is by far the most common type. If you are currently only able to purchase one insurance policy, then we would recommend that you purchase this one. As you already know by now, we live in a very litigious world in which the threat of being sued always looms over business owners. What this policy does is simple: It covers you financially in the event of a third party suing you for bodily and/or property damage incurred.
  2. Commercial property insurance policy: As the name entails this policy covers your commercial property from damage incurred. Generally speaking, you can expect this policy to cover you from threats related to fires, vandalism and some (but not all) natural disasters.
  3. Commercial auto insurance policy: Once again, this policy is rather self-explanatory. If your business is equipped with vehicles, then purchasing this policy might be a good idea as your personal auto policy most likely will not cover your business vehicles.
With that being said, where can you request a free Calgary commercial insurance quote? Fortunately, many companies in Calgary offer them... among them Sharp Insurance. To request yours today, visit

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Red Deer New Drivers: 3 Insurance Coverage Questions Answered

Are you a new driver? Well if you are here then we can probably assume that you are. But here's the question now: How much do you know about insurance coverage in Red Deer?

If you are a new driver, then chances are that you don't know much about it. Don't worry about it -- we are here to help you. Just remember that Canadian law dictates that you need to be covered under a car insurance policy before hitting the road for the first time... so as much as you would like to skip this small insurance coverage lesson, it would probably benefit you more not to do that. :)

To make the process of purchasing a car insurance policy a little bit easier for you, Sharp Insurance has compiled 3 of the most common questions associated with it and their answers. So without further ado, here they are:
  • Can my parents' insurance policy cover me? This very common question is slightly tricky to answer because there is unfortunately no "one-size-fit-all" answer to it. Having your parents call their insurance company is often the best way to approach this question. It is not common to hear of companies doing this, so you might just end up being lucky!
  • How much does Red Deer new driver insurance coverage cost? Once again, it depends on many things. The kind of car that you drive, for one, how well it is secured and even where you live in Red Deer can all affect how much money you end up paying each month. Furthermore, it won't be a surprise for you to hear that new drivers do pay slightly more on their premiums than "normal" drivers do. But don't worry, this won't last forever. Two years at most if you manage to keep a clean driving record.
  • Where can I request a free Red Deer new driver insurance quote? In Red Deer, you will soon come to realize that plenty of insurance companies are more than willing to offer you a free insurance quote. Sharp Insurance is one of them, so make sure to heed to our main website and learn more about it!
Good luck!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

How Can Construction Workers Stay Safe in Calgary?

Each year in Canada, dozens of construction workers injure themselves in the line of duty. While we understand that this profession comes with a certain degree of risk, we believe that one injury is already one too many. If you are a construction worker in Canada, we would like to refresh your memory by going over a few safety tips today.

 So without further ado, here is how construction workers can stay safe on the line of duty:
  1. Wear the proper gears. Yes, it's summer right now and it's reallyyy hot in Calgary, but safety gears exist for a reason: To keep you safe. Never, ever underestimate the importance of wearing them.
  2. Know the construction site. Use your eyes -- you have them for a reason! If you need to walk around the construction site to familiarize yourself with it, do so. Likewise, know where the first aid kits are located, as well as any emergency exits, if any.
  3. Train your skills. This is especially important when it comes to equipment. If you don't remember how to use a certain piece of equipment, don't let your pride get the best of you. Ask someone before using it.
  4. Likewise, only use equipment that you have been trained to use. Did we really need to say that?! Apparently yes because equipment-related injuries are very, very common in Calgary...
  5. Hydrate yourself, even when it's not warm. Similarly, make sure to eat well before/during work. The more focused you are, the better.
  6. Always look around for hidden dangers. Construction sites are full of hidden, unseen dangers. Walk slowly and keep your eyes open for them. No matter how useless it may sound, caution will always win over injuries.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Red Deer Car Insurance Coverage: How to Choose the Right Policy

So you're on the market for an auto insurance policy in Alberta. Welcome to the club! As you already know by now, it is currently illegal in Alberta to hit the road without your car being covered under an insurance policy. But as you might already also know by now, choosing the right insurance policy is often easier than it sounds. Thankfully, we are here to help you do just that today.

If you are looking for the perfect car insurance policy in Red Deer, then are are a few tips to help you along the way:
  1. Research, research and research more! Did we say to do your research? Obviously we can't stress enough the importance of doing that. If you are not familiar with the insurance companies available to you, requesting free insurance quotes from them and comparing them to each other is always a good idea.
  2. Become aware of what affects your insurance premiums: Many things can affect how much money you will end up paying each month. From the model of your car to how much experience you have behind the wheel, even where you live can impact your insurance premiums. Become aware of which factors can be changed, if any, to lower your premiums.
  3. Consider bundling up your policies: If you own a home insurance policy, you might want to purchase your car insurance policy from the same company. and vice versa. This is because many companies in Red Deer offer discounts to people who bundle up their policies. And let's be honest: It also makes things simpler at times.
Good luck and remember to drive safely!

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Edmonton New Driver Insurance Coverage: Can Raising Your Deductible Lower Your Premiums?

Are you a new driver trying to figure out how to save money on your monthly insurance premiums? Then chances are that someone, somewhere has suggested that you do this:

Raise your insurance deductible to lower your insurance premiums.

But just how valid is this advice? Let's first begin by examining what a deductible is, assuming that you don't know already. Quite simply, your deductible is the sum of money that you agree to pay your insurance company before you become eligible to file a claim with them. While it's true that the higher your deductible is, the lower your monthly premiums are, does that mean that you should instantly call your insurance company and ask them to raise your deductible?


This is because, while this advice certainly is a valid one, doing this could potentially jeopardize your finances down the road. As a general rule of thumb, we only advice our clients to raise their deductible to save money each month as a last resort. Unless you know for a FACT that you can afford to shell out your deductible should the worst case scenario happen, we recommend that you spend some time looking at the other options available to you. Because trust us... there are other options out there. It's just a matter of you finding them.

For more information on how you can save money on your Edmonton new driver policy, feel free to browse through some of our older blog posts or to give us a call. We'll be more than happy to help.

Good luck!

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Is Calgary Motorcycle Coverage More Expensive Than Auto Coverage?

Just how expensive is motorcycle coverage compared to auto coverage in Calgary? This question seems to be a common question among many of our clients. Today, we will do our best to look into it.

Unfortunately, there is no "one-size-fits-all" answer to this question. This is because insurance policies tend to vary from policy to policy. Unsurprisingly, they also tend to differ from company to company. Many factors can also affect how much money you end up paying each month on your insurance premiums, so you see why there is no clear-cut answer to that question.

Generally speaking though, motorcycle insurance policies tend to be more expensive than car insurance policies in Calgary. This is because driving a motorcycle comes with higher risks than driving a car. Think about it for a moment. Motorcycles are smaller than cars. They are more difficult to see on highways. They are easier to steal. And of course, motorcycle accidents result in higher incidence of serious and fatal injuries. All of these things (and more) can seriously impact insurance premiums.

With that being said, if you are considering purchasing motorcycle insurance coverage there exist several ways for you to lower your monthly premiums. Here are just a few of them:
  1. Purchase an older motorcycle model;
  2. Install a security system on it;
  3. Make sure that it is parked in a garage at night;
  4. Bundle up your motorcycle policy with your other policies;
  5. Enroll in a motorcycle driving course;
  6. Raise your deductible.
And above all, remember to always follow safety regulations. Good luck!

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Calgary Home Insurance Coverage: 3 Questions to Ask Insurance Companies

What do you know about Calgary home insurance coverage? If you own a house in Calgary and are considering purchasing coverage, then here are 3 questions that you should ask insurance companies before signing your name on anything:

  1. What does this policy not cover? Most people know what a policy cover... but most of them also don't know what it does not cover. To avoid unpleasant surprises in the future, we highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with what a policy covers and does not cover. As an example, most home insurance policies in Calgary do not cover damage related to earthquakes, which means that additional coverage must be purchased for that.
  2. How can I lower my monthly premiums? Here is a little known secret: You don't have to pay as much as you think you need to pay on your monthly premiums. This is because lowering your monthly premiums is completely doable. If you are interested to learn more about how this can be done, talk to your insurance company, or if you want, you can always refer back to some of our earlier blog posts.
  3. Why should I choose your company? Last but not least, don't hesitate to ask what an insurance company has to offer that other companies do not. In Calgary (and the rest of Canada), the insurance market is very, very competitive. To make sure that you chose the perfect company for you and your needs as a home owner, make sure to do your research and to ask as many questions as you need. Good luck!