Sunday, 22 May 2016

Calgary Commercial Insurance Coverage: Where To Request a Free Quote

Do you own a small business in the Calgary area and are looking to insure it? Sharp Insurance can help. As a small business owner, we can't stress enough the importance of you and your business being adequately covered. But what exactly does being "adequately" covered mean? Let's take a look at 3 of the most common types of commercial insurance policies:
  1. General liability policy: This type of policy is by far the most common type. If you are currently only able to purchase one insurance policy, then we would recommend that you purchase this one. As you already know by now, we live in a very litigious world in which the threat of being sued always looms over business owners. What this policy does is simple: It covers you financially in the event of a third party suing you for bodily and/or property damage incurred.
  2. Commercial property insurance policy: As the name entails this policy covers your commercial property from damage incurred. Generally speaking, you can expect this policy to cover you from threats related to fires, vandalism and some (but not all) natural disasters.
  3. Commercial auto insurance policy: Once again, this policy is rather self-explanatory. If your business is equipped with vehicles, then purchasing this policy might be a good idea as your personal auto policy most likely will not cover your business vehicles.
With that being said, where can you request a free Calgary commercial insurance quote? Fortunately, many companies in Calgary offer them... among them Sharp Insurance. To request yours today, visit


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